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Research & Development

HISUN Research Institute

HISUN Research  Institute have a state-certified High-tech center and national post-doctoral recruiting qualification. There are 1200 staff scientists, including the 8 "national thousand of plans professors ", 19 “ state thousand of plans professors ". The R & D annual expenditure is more than 8 % of HISUN annual revenue. The Institute is about 20,000 square meters; total investment is over 500 million RMB. The institute is closely led to manufacture platform. There are six branches which covered many fields: microbiology, synthesis, biotechnology, enzyme engineering, preparation, natural compounds screening, and identification of species preservation, instrumental analysis, information center, EHS analysis and so on. There are many laboratories and small-scale trial production workshops for novel products and new technology industrial development. Plus, the management unit, Intellectual Property Department, Ministry of drug registration, maintenance and other supporting functions, there are 60 units.

HISUN’s other research institutes are spread all over Shanghai , Beijing and Hang Zhou. The field covers biotechnology, chemical synthesis, microbial fermentation and formulation; research fields cover anti-tumor, anti-parasitic, blood fat, anti-infective, endocrine regulation, immune-suppressants, antidepressants, etc. HISUN also open to cooperate with foreign research institutions, leading pharmaceutical counterparts in drug discovery and actively respond to the global pharmaceutical industry for opportunities and challenges

HISUN scientific value including" independent innovation, focusing on, supporting the development and lead the future” in accordance with the “long-term development, optimizing the overall layout, improve the institutional mechanisms to enhance innovation capability. Our principle is forward our high-tech product and service to market smoothly.

Professional Research Teams

HISUN are continually recruiting research elites home and abroad to lead the various platforms engaging in the pharmaceutical industry. Cultivating a large number of independent Principle Investors to form diverse, multi-channel systems become our HR strategy. Currently, the company has recruited a number of excellent researchers, allowing scientists to lead the HISUN to optimize our research and industrial strategy. There is nearly 1,200 staff in HISUN Research Institute; undergraduate and postgraduate are accounted for more than 80%. HISUN innovation team was awarded “Zhejiang Science and Technology Innovation Team."

Chinese Academicians at the core of technical advisory team for HISUN technological innovation play a supporting role. The Technology Center was established the Intellectual Property Department too. In the country with professional legal organization in the United States, Britain, Germany, France, hired a professional law firm of patent for HISUN to provide a strong legal assistance. In addition, experts of the company have a number of patents at home and abroad for specific patent services.

Over one hundred independently developed products have been approved and sold in more than 70 countries and regions all over the world. In more than 30 countries, HISUN has been granted over one hundred patents involving innovative molecules, crystal forms, synthetic techniques and new pharmaceutical compounds.

HISUN is cultivating our own R&D capabilities, extensively cooperating with scientific research institutions and leading pharmaceutical counterparts at home and abroad, in drug discovery, development of the manufacturing process, clinical research and other fields, to actively respond to opportunities and challenges under the changing structure of the global pharmaceutical industry.

HISUN thrives in the global pharmaceutical market thanks to the advanced production process and technical capability. Our manufacture principle is performing consistently and being responsible for the trust of clients.

Taizhou base settled in Tai Zhou Medicine-Chemical Industry Park, Zhejiang, this base mainly supplies active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products in different therapeutic areas covering oncology, cardiovascular, infectious, and endocrine and immunosuppressant. The drug products section is being upgraded and reconstructed in accordance with newly national GMP and international cGMP standards, and expects to earn RMB 2.5 billion in annual revenue upon completion.

Hang Zhou base is located in Fu Yang. The construction was started in 2005 with a total area of 800,000 square meters. The API section’s first microbial fermentation production line has been in operation since 2009 and more lines for healthcare and animal health products are under expansion. Our drug products section covers 20 lines for manufacturing multiple dosage forms including solid lyophilized powder, liquid injection, pre-filled injection and sterile powder injection. The lines are applicable both for small molecule and biotech products.

The biopharmaceutical section consists of mammalian cell, E.coli expression system, purification and formulation. Our product pipelines include recombinant proteins, mAb, recombinant vaccines, antibody-drug conjugated, that cover multiple therapeutic areas such as autoimmune disease, cancer, diabetes and blood disease.

Rudong base is located in the High-Tech industrial Park, Rudong Economic Development Zone, Jiang Su. Rudong base is a chemical synthesis and semi-synthesis production base which includes anti-infection, cardiovascular & hypolipidemic, anti-parasitic and antibiotics.